Fostering healing in veterans, their families, and their communities.

Warhorse Legacy Foundation (WLF) is Northwest Arkansas’ only nonprofit veterans’ organization dedicated to horsemanship, outdoor recreation, and networking. WLF offers our programs free of charge to veterans and their families.

Warhorse Legacy Foundation


We are based at Warhorse Ranch, a beautiful 140-acre property in Winslow, AR. At the Ranch, we research, fund, and provide equine programs and specialized recreational activities, education, and networking opportunities. These programs foster physical, emotional, mental, and social health in veterans and their families.

“It’s not therapy… it’s therapeutic.”

 Valorie Jones, WLF President

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WLF offers a variety of programs from 90-minute horsemanship basics to two-day intensives for veterans interested in adopting a second-career horse. Horse therapy for veterans, as well as a robust recreational therapy program, is at the heart of everything we do. Horse therapy has been proven to be effective in the treatment of PTSD.

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Founded in 2018, WLF is committed to the men and women who have served and protected us. When you choose to support WLF and Warhorse Ranch, you are investing in making Northwest Arkansas a community that takes care of our veterans and their families.

Volunteer at Warhorse Legacy


We are looking for dedicated, empathetic, and enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. If you feel called to serve those who have served you, reach out to us at ​​. Veterans make up a large portion of our volunteer core, realizing our goal of “veterans helping veterans.”

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